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Through legal representation and qualified bankruptcy services from a bankruptcy lawyer Fort Worth in our Ft Worth location, Weaver & Associates could be able to get these types of creditor harassment stopped immediately! Not only can we stop harassment, but also lawsuits and garnishments. We can even get you relief for medical debt by legally erasing the doctor bills. Depending on the type of protection you qualify to receive, and depending on what is in your best interests, we can eliminate most or even all of your debts, and you can still keep your vehicle, house, or any other assets which you’d need in most cases. This even includes cash in the bank (up to around $10,000.) There are different reasons for filing chapter 13 than there are for filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. By Richard M. Weaver.

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How Can Bankruptcy Help Me?

Bills like medical, credit card, or payday loans can bring you down into the ground, even your best efforts can sometimes not be enough to work your way out of it. But by filing to receive bankruptcy protection, or by negotiating with your creditors on your behalf, we can help you receive either debt forgiveness or with bankruptcy, we can help you to legally erase your debt. Some of the other major reasons for bankruptcy would involve an attorney who serves not only as a bankruptcy attorney but also as a Plano foreclosure attorney. The major reason for doing so involves the fact that bankruptcy can stop foreclosure. Of the two types of bankruptcy, generally a Ch. 7 bankruptcy would only buy time for the homeowner to get out of the home and move on. But a chapter 13 repayment would essentially allow the homeowner to keep the home by catching up the mortgage payments which had gotten behind.

Many folks in Texas have suffered from financial downturns. And often, this means you might let your mortgage become late, while you scrounge up money just to survive! But we can even help prevent home foreclosure, and at the same time discharge your other debts. Through bankruptcy, you can also receive the welcome relief from horrible collector harassment!

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Although many people think that they may not file bankruptcy, they actually have the right through the US Constitution. And receiving reasonably priced bankruptcy services can be something that you can handle with a payment plan

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What About Bankruptcy Costs? Affordable? YES!

Overall, you will find that there is a reason that people refer others to work with us if they need bankruptcy help. We are an affordable Fort Worth bankruptcy law firm. And at Weaver & Associates, we don’t want more pain added to your current financial situation. Over the last 25 years, Richard M. Weaver has successfully helped THOUSANDS of DFW residents to file bankruptcy affordably.

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Our office is ready to help. We’ll all pitch in to make sure that you are taken care of, and especially, Rick will be right there to help you throughout the entire process. You have nothing to lose, it’s a free consultation so come on in today! Call (817) 935-0077 for a free consultation! (And we also serve Dallas, and Dallas county, throughout the entire DFW metroplex. For Dallas folks, feel free to call our Dallas number at (214) 664-9435. Plano residents can reach us at (972) 201-3080.

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